Terracom participated at the 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum

Terracom pitching to investors at the 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum.

After almost a decade of crisis unparalleled in the last 60 years, Greece is compelled to boost its economic growth through a different path.

Entrepreneurship has always been an integral part of everyday life in Greece and the country’s highly qualified workforce is among its most valuable assets. In the current circumstances, promoting innovation seems to be the only way to achieve economic growth and in recent years numerous businesses – start-ups as well as established companies – have turned to various technologies and new business models which enable them to develop successful business activities in Greece and abroad.

The 2nd Hellenic Innovation Forum will focus mainly on highlighting and reinforcing these endeavours. This event was organized for the second consecutive year by Ethos Events and took place on 19 and 20 June at the Divani Caravel hotel.