Terracom participated as a sponsor at the 4th Health & Safety Conference in Athens

Terracom participated as a sponsor at the 4th Health & Safety Conference held in Athens on Thursday 1st June which was organized by Boussias Communications and is an ideal platform for all executives of broader industrial activity responsible for health & safety as well as solutions, equipment and services providers.

The 4th Occupational Health & Safety Conference highlighted the effective practices used by leading companies of the sector through targeted presentations, aiming at:

  • ensuring health and safety at work,
  • zero accidents and diseases at work.

The purpose of the conference was to highlight the importance of prevention in effectively avoiding both accidents and occupational illnesses and to show that prevention means:

  • In addition to the implementation of rules, guidelines and technical measures, a theme of culture that is constantly cultivated
  • Everyone's case, i.e. businesses, workers, the state and society in general since health, creativity and life are basic human rights and must be the main concern of any business action.

Terracom, as an industry expert, conducted a speech on "Health and Safety of Lone Workers", providing a wealth of insights into new technological developments that have brought to light significant changes in working patterns as more and more people belong to the "Lone Workers" group . The phenomenon has created new conditions on the labor market, but also new needs in the field of worker safety.

The conference was addressed to all senior officials responsible for Health, Wellbeing and Safety in the workplace, as well as to officials from co-competent Ministries and Institutions, security technicians and labor doctors.